There is a foundation out there who is willing to help every single person whoever is in need to have some sort of help in life. The Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood foundation have taken the pledge to take care of people who have gone through climatic disturbances and have lost their livelihood because of the same.

The SickKids foundation has a vision which is to eradicate the physical illness and mental illness amongst children and youths from around the world through the donations that they receive from the world. They target the population of kids who are in underdeveloped nations and are in poverty-stricken areas and they do such by hosting several sorts of events to raise the funds, sell the products that proceed to go in helping the youths and some ill children.

global healthcare

To mention here there are several donors that are willing to pay for the sake of foundation in order to improve the quality and accessibility of global healthcare. They are much more passionate in helping the ill diseased ridden youths in order to recover the children to have an aim in their new life.

The foundation welcomes each of the participant or volunteer to help in the growth of a section that deserves your help. You can become a part of the foundation and help them in any possible way which in return will bring smiles to the faces who are equally deserving of having that smile on their faces.